Why AdGrow?
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Why AdGrow?

Our Business Model

Our excellent results come from putting our clients in direct contact with experienced professionals – cutting out ‘account managers’ and salespeople. While most agencies focus on acquiring new clients, we invest in keeping them through outstanding results… and let the ‘new business’ take care of itself.

The typical ‘big’ agency consists mostly of inexperienced account managers and sales people. The account managers protect the experts, who are overworked and underpaid, and the experts protect the directors. All this leads to a service that’s between average and poor and it’s the job of the salespeople to replace lost clients with new ones.

At AdGrow, it’s different. No sales people, no account managers, just experts… who you deal with directly. It’s this direct relationship that allows us to spot the big opportunities – opportunities that only experience can see. Our much lower overheads mean that everything goes into the service and usually at a lower price point too. A better service at a lower cost delivered by people who care. What’s not to love?

Why Choose AdGrow?

We’ve turned small businesses into big ones and shown household names how digital marketing should really be done. See why our clients love us:

No Long-term Contracts

Unlike most agencies, we don’t tie our clients into long-term contracts. Instead, we work on a rolling 30-day notice period that keeps us fully motivated to keep on delivering the very best results.

Household Names

Our clients past and present include many household names, including Tesco, Swizzels Love Hearts, NEC, Voi Jeans & News International.

We’re Global

We have offices in London and San Francisco but run advertising campaigns across the globe and in many different languages.

We’re all about accountability

Whether it’s an Adwords campaign or a new promo video, we believe every penny you spend should have an accounted-for return. Everything we do comes with a measured improvement in real, meaningful numbers – so you can see how many sales or leads we’ve added and ensure you’re investing in the right areas first.

Chartered Marketing Professionals

We’re MCIM accredited – meaning we’ve passed a rigorous exam-based qualification to gain a Professional Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). All this means that we’re not just a load of web geeks – we’re qualified marketing professionals too.

We’ve worked in nearly every industry

We know why businesses in your industry succeed and fail online and want to share this knowledge with you. The combined decades of experience shared across the AdGrow team cover hundreds of industries and business models. Our huge wealth of experience means we know the pitfalls and the shortcuts to online success in pretty much any industry. In many cases, our value isn’t just seen in the work we’re commissioned to do, but in our strategic contribution.

Get in touch to see how you can try us out in a no commitment, low risk way.